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Altimeter and Barometer Monitor Altimeter and Barometer Monitor: This application is an Altimeter and Barometer Monitor designed for the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Notes, and Galaxy Nexus series phones. The altimeter displays the current weather, the sea level barometer reading, the pressure reading, the pressure altitude, and the change in altitude since the last 'zero' setting. The Barometer Monitor collects the current weather conditions, sea level barometer reading, and the phone's barometer reading. The data is saved to a database every 15 minutes. The database can be 'dumped' to a CSV or SQL file which can be uploaded to your computer. The file can be processed with a spreadsheet or database program.

Nutrition Explorer Nutrition Explorer: Explore the USDA National Nutrient Database on your Android™. This application downloads a complete copy of the USDA National Nutrient Database. The downloaded database has been converted to a format compatible with Android devices at Froyo and above. Click here to browse the Help and About screens.


Days 'til Days 'Til: How many days since you were born? How many days 'til your next vacation? When's the court date for that undeserved speeding ticket? How many days until the world ends in 2012? Days 'til, Days Since will tell you.


Days 'Til Widget Days 'Til Widget: The Days 'Til app has been transformed into a Home Screen widget. Put your birth date or an anniversary date on your home screen and watch the count advance daily. The widget displays a title of your choice and the number of years, months, weeks, and days since the starting date you entered. The total number of elapsed days displays as well.

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